Monday, April 30, 2007

Cool Quote

"I am not a citizen of this world trying to get to heaven,
but a citizen of Heaven, trying to get through this world."

Author Unknown


Connie Marie said...

Very great quote.

I was just reading my sister's blog, thinking about how she used to be before she got into a coma and missing her so much. Wondering if I will know her again the way she used to be. I miss her so much and continue to hope/pray each day she will wake up again.

Yes, Christ in me - the hope of glory. Through Christ, Heaven is really gonna happen.

Kiana said...


Thanks for stopping by. I just left your sisters blog and read the great news of her talking today. I had tears in my eyes as I read the update and my heart was full of joy. God is just so Great, I bet His heart is filled with more joy over this step she took today than anyone else!

When our friend Jake came out of his coma it was a very slow process. He doesn't remember much about the waking process. He began sitting up in bed, resisting people messing with him, then started to talk and a few weeks after he spoke was able to go home. I remember it was so hard for all of us watching him, having no idea how it would turn out or what would come next.

Reading her blog, it seems like Millie is slowly going through all those same stages of waking. She is a beautiful lady and with a family so dedicated to God I know she's in good hands physically and spiritually. I am praying for her, and will also pray that God continue to hold your hand through this. I can only imagine how much you miss her. Give her a big hug next time you see her and tell her how much you miss talking with her, I think that kind of think makes a difference.

In His love,

Connie Marie said...

Hi Kiana,

That was very encouraging. I am happy to hear that about your friend Jake. It gives me renewed hope. She does resist our touches on her left side, so that makes me so very hopeful. I have yet to hear her speak, but everytime I visit with her I think this is the day I will hear her speak.

It is hard to see her so dependent on total strangers. I just want to take her home and take care of her myself. I know and my husband has said that I do not have the strength to do that on my own. I know myself that I would not, but sometimes our strength comes when we need it from the Lord.

I give Mil hugs and tell her that I need her to wake up now and visit because I miss her. It has been hard to learn how to "visit" with her when she does not visit back.

Thanks for your encouraging words. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

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Jules said...

Awesome quote. It reminds me of Bill Johnson's teaching in his book When Heaven Invades Earth (excellent read). He talks about us being Heaven's Ambassadors here on earth. He talks about the ambassadors of nations here and how, no matter where they would be, anambassador has access to all of the resources and military might of the nation he is representing. As ambassadors of Christ, we have all of the resources of Heaven and all of the military might of God behind us. How awesome is that??