Friday, March 31, 2006

"Repaying the Banker" by Jay Adkins

Today I read a fantastic post over at Jay Adkins site. He's a great writer and has some really encouraging stuff on his site. He did a post on "Repaying the Banker" where he goes into a struggle he recently had and finishes up with a great analogy of...

" easy it is to stop going to church and to stop reading The Word when something good happens in our lives because it's almost as if we're saying, "I don't need God anymore". But then when something bad happens, who's the first One we run back to? You know the answer to this one don't you? I thought so. In fact, we all know the answer because if we're honest with ourselves we can all say that we do it.

It's kind of like when we take out a loan at the bank. It's pretty swell until we have to start paying back the loan, right? Then the bills start coming and we moan and groan about writing those checks. I'm here to tell you that God doesn't charge interest! If He did, we'd all be in bad shape! Why should we moan and groan about paying back God's loans?

God said, "Here, I'm giving my only Son to pay your debts, all that I ask in return is your faith in Me". If God were a banker, He'd lose the farm on us. Luckily He's no banker, more like a Father giving His children a gift. You're giving God a gift when you give Him your life completely. Let God enjoy His gift as you enjoy giving it to Him."
This situation he writes about isn't limited only to those not in church attendance but all sorts of other examples too. There are times even still for me when distractions start taking over and I go into a sort of auto-pilot and am just going through the motions instead of putting my heart into Him each day. That last paragraph really speaks to my heart; well said Jay.

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