Friday, December 29, 2006

When God Winks at You...

I'm reading a book called "When God Winks at You" by Squire Rushnell

It's a small book about how God communicates with us in our everyday lives. In both incredibile and small ways. I know I see it all the time, now. I never really had my eyes open to most of it before though - unless it was something huge.

The begining of the book had me anxious for it to get better and although I'm not through it yet, its turned out to be really uplifting. It's all been really good stories, no downers, all covering mostly happy moments for different people getting little messages from God. I would definitely recommend the book.

I just got to the 6th Chapter called "Winks on Unanswered Prayer", and in this chapter there's a section called "why me, why now". Times of true hardship. Times we don't always understand why we're going through troubles. Sometimes the reason becomes clear in the future, sometimes not. He actually writes a really touching true life example where we do get to see the reason for one of those hardships but what he wrote after that was what really connected with me...
We've all had the experience of looking heavenward and asking: "God, why me?"

Terrible things happen to everyone. Sooner or later, we all have to walk through the valley.

In the Bible, David never suggested we could go around the valley or over it. We all have to go through it.

But the nice thing about valleys is that there is an end to them. No matter how dark it seems, there's a time when it will end and you'll break into the sunshine. And that is the concept you need to hang on to - that there is an end to terrible times, to the feelings of loss of control and to the total absence of suitable remedies.

Valleys also have signposts. All along the way God provides winks of reassurance for you to see. Just like on the darkest interstate, a signpost every once in a while is a welcome message of reassurance - a reminder that your on track, to keep going.
The thing I liked about this little spot in the book most is that it reminded me God is with us through our hardships (which is a big comfort for me to hang onto). I'm not gonna even touch on why the hardships happen because I haven't stumbled upon that book yet, but it's a great reassurance to know that He is right there, with us and He's doing his best to send us special messages that He's loves us and hasn't left us alone. Even with all the needy souls he's tending to, he still has time to send us little messages each day.


Connie Marie said...

I enjoyed this post. Especially since my sister is in the hospital. I so thank God that He knows my sisters thoughts now, even though we don't know what she is thinking while she is in a coma.


Antje said...

Thank you for your words about God Winks. I have planned to get one of the books out the series and also buy one for a family member that is having a hard time. After reading your post, I am sure now that I will follow through on the purchase.

What a nice site! Thank you for sharing. More and more people need to know there truly is a God still in control of everything! I am using my site for the same thing! I will post your site on my links page!


Antje said...

Can you add my website to my comments? Sorry I left it off Thank you so much!