Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well, I've let myself get a bit to busy to have devotional time with the Lord lately. It's been a nagging thought in the back of my mind that I need to put some time aside each day for Him. And not just a few minutes but an hour or two - in the mornings would be best so I can start the day with Him. But really, at this point I'm not gonna be picky. I've been praying about it, but then I forget later when I maybe could do something about it.

This evening I had a whole list of things that I was getting done, things that needed done. Chugging right through it too. And I justified that it was OK to do (for tonight at least) over devotional time with Jesus because it's stuff for the Church that has to get done.

  • I organize and run the church nursery - I had to print and laminate some stuff before Sunday because I don't know when I'll have time after today. It was suppose to be done 2 Sunday's ago.
  • Our church is putting on the 2007 Statewide lectureship - I was asked to be the Organizing and Scheduling person - which entails I think a little bit of everything. I had to do some stuff for that this evening because I can't stand stacks of responsibility looming over me that is unfinished. That stuff ended up taking me over 3 hours to do alone.

Anyway, in the middle of my mad. rushed. progress...


The power goes out.

And I think "Oh you've got to be kidding me."

And so Marty and I light some candles and I think, "now what? I can't do any of this with out power." "I can't do Anything with out power!" I guess I was a bit frustrated too because I just wanted to get some of this done so bad... Even though the lectureship isn't happening until APRIL.

And then it hit me, "Maybe God is making time for my devotional." So I gathered a ton of candles around the couch, snuggled up and had my devo time with God through reading and prayer. It was just what I needed.

My mind had been racing and I had a million things to do. When I couldn't figure out how to make time, he did it for me. Just knowing he made time for me tonight, had (and still has) me starstruck.

And I have to add, it's a little rough at first but; reading by nothing but candle light is very romantic.

And no, not romantic in that way...

...more along the lines of dreamy and idealistic, yet in a simple kind of way.

Can't beat hanging with The Big Guy. Especially when He stops everything and sets an ambiance like none other; just to be with you.

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Danielle Blaine said...

Hey Kiana,
I am so glad to have your site to go to and read things, especially this piece. I get so busy with everything and fail to sit with God and study his word like I should be, so I just want to say you are an encouragement to me. I really enjoy your blogs and I am so hoping to go to the Lectureship in April, I haven't had time to talk to Pat yet because he is working everyday so maybe tonight.
God Bless